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Testimonial | Cretan Life
Derek & Jackie´s Story

Read Derek & Jackie´s story of how they successfully built the holiday home of their dreams...

We’d always dreamed of having our own place in the sun, and it’s now about to come a reality as our brand new villa nears completion. We’d began our house-hunting in Crete with a phone call to Andreas at a company called Cretan Life.

They’d been recommended to us by a friend, and Andreas himself met us at our hotel while we were holidaying on the island. We hit it off immediately, and Andreas whisked us off on a personal guided tour of all the land that Cretan Life owned in the area.

This was a fascinating day out as Cretan Life had such a wide choice of plots, ranging from picturesque villages in the beautiful countryside to locations virtually on the beaches facing the sparkling blue sea.

Andreas was a mine of inside information, filling us in with all the details about buying land to build a house on to suit our exact designs. As he explained, this was a much more affordable way to go about things, rather than buying something ready-built and paying the developer’s hefty profit margin.

He told us that Cretan Life only sells plots of land and doesn’t actually build houses, but they certainly know how to help people every step of the way, as we were soon to find out.

We’d fallen in love with a plot in the traditional village of Litsarda and set our hearts on building a detached villa with its own swimming pool. Andreas put us in touch with a solicitor who was able to guide us carefully through the Greek legal system relating to property buying and building.

Then, he introduced us to our architect and we were able to get down to the business of discussing designs and sending them off for approval. Fortunately, this architect spoke English quite well, and Andreas was always on hand to interpret if we wanted to be absolutely sure we all understood each other. This was important as we had very firm views on what we wanted, and how far our budget would stretch.

The great thing is that Cretan Life know all the right people and only recommend professionals with the highest qualifications and solid reputations. This was certainly the case with the builders, who are currently working on our villa. Not only is their workmanship first class, they have met all the deadlines and it looks as though they will even finish ahead of schedule.

Best of all, we will soon have the home we designed with our own personal touches at a price we can comfortably afford, and have saved ourselves around €130,000 in the process.

So we have nothing but praise for the whole team at Cretan Life who made it all possible for us, making it easier to buy abroad than we ever expected. We can wholeheartedly recommend Cretan Life to anyone thinking about purchasing land with a view to building their own home in Crete. Apart from their incredible knowledge of the property market, you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer or friendlier group of people.

Derek & Jackie Shone