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Villas In Crete, Crete Property | Cretan Life
Save as much as €130,000 on a luxury villa built to your own design

See how a UK couple built a superb villa, and an even more attractive asset

Dear Visitor,

Imagine owning a villa that’s beyond your dreams, yet well within your means. Well, that’s exactly what we’re to help you achieve – just as we did for Derek and Jackie Shone from the UK.

Very soon now, Mr and Mrs Shone will have the keys to their brand new villa, and the calculations show that they will have saved as much as €130,000 on market prices for similar villas in Crete.

By purchasing land from Cretan Life and having their own villa built on it, they cut out all the developer’s high margins that come with buying off plan or going for a newly-built property.

With our total support, they were able to have their own plans drawn up, complete the legal and financial details, and commission local builders to start work.

You can check the figures for yourself by seeing the whole project step-by-step on the “
Construction Costs” page in this website.

And, if the Shones were to put their new villa up for sale, they could set an asking price of up to €345,000 – and pocket an immediate profit of around €130,000 on the sale.

This is yet another highly attractive investment opportunity offered by Cretan Life. In fact, the potential is so great that you might want to consider this option for your own investment portfolio, in which case please contact us personally.

Not all of our clients buy land to build. Some clients buy our land for long-term capital growth. Visit You can also purchase land with your pension fund or invest in the Cretan Land Fund. Visit

By approaching the market in these different ways, we can help the investor with innovative recommendations - backed up by a solid track record and the reassurance that land is a far more tangible asset than other potentially volatile investments.

Yours sincerely.

The Cretan Life Team

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